FULL NAME: Thomas William Hamilton
 NICK NAME: Mr. Sweet Emotion
 BIRTHDAY: December 31, 1951
 PLACE OF BIRTH: Colorado Springs, CO.
 INSTRUMENTS: Bass Guitar, keyboards(?)
   Sam Citrus Merciless Tangerine
   Plastic Glass
   Mosquitoes (after The Beatles)
   Pipe Dreams / The Jam Band (with Joe Perry)
 FAMILY: See Below
 HEIGHT: 6'1
 TATTOO: Swallow on his chest
 PLACES: "Home and Paris"
 FOOD: "Anything Fried"
 CAR: "Ferrari 274 GTB"
 TV SHOW: "Movies at the Swedish Hotel"
 MOVIE: "Bladerunner"
 BOOK: "The Arms of Krupp by William Manchester"
 POSESSION: "1974 Ferrari Dino"
 SPORT: "Tennis"
 Second best album of 1993: Freddie & the Dreamers "Greatest Hits"
 Top Albums of 1997:
   Oasis - Be Here Now
   Radiohead - OK Computer
   The Eels - Beautiful Freak
   Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X
   Jerky Boys - The Jerky Boys 4
 Likes (has seen in concert) Burning Spear and Soul Asylum
 Song he wants played at his funeral: "That Smell" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
 Most awesome concert he's ever missed: The Who - Boston Tea Party
 Song he wants to cover: "Dear Prudence" by the Beatles
 Most embarrassing album in his collection: "Cal Jam 2"
 Favorite song to play during the Get a Grip tour: "Fever"
 Some bands he likes: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, U2 and Oasis

Various Tom Hamilton Facts

  • Last one to come clean, smoked pot during the recording of Permanent Vacation

  • He worked as an orderly in a nursing home

  • He can make his eyes *vibrate*--ew!

  • Craziest thing he's ever done on stage is wear shorts over pants

  • Favorite venue to play: Toronto, Canada CNE (best video games)

  • Favorite Simpsons character: Maggie

  • Worst airplane experience: "We were in a Learjet at 14,000 feet when a gasket blew, the cabin filled up immediately with baking hot 90 degree air and there was a dreadful roaring. When we made an emergency landing the firetrucks were already waiting on the runway. It was pretty scary."

  • Biggest mistake he ever made: "Not taking guitar lessons."

  • What's always in his refrigerator: "Something that smells funny"

  • What he'd be doing if he weren't a musician: "Learning to be one"

  • Favorite item of clothing: "Velvet pants. Reminds me of the bands I would go see when i was first learning to play."

  • His speciality in the kitchen: "Cereal"

  • Weirdest place he's ever been naked: his crotch

  • Best sight in Boston: View from Mass. Pike going east after Allston Toll Booth

  • Last thing he does before he goes on stage? "Zip it up!"

  • Weirdest thing he's ever found in a meal: pair of underwear

  • Favorite flavor: Brunette

  • Was arrested in Sunapee's first-ever acid bust

  • Dying wish: Plenty of parking in the after-life

  • If he could be a fictional character, he'd be "Moe, because he gets to act out his aggression."

  • Place that he didn't get to see on the GAG tour but would like to plat during the next tour: Vietnam

  • How does he feel when he sees someone with an Aerosmith tattoo: "I'm amazed at their commitment."

  • How he spent his last birthday: "Hanging out with the Tylers watching fireworks. It was New Year's eve."

  • What he'd be doing if he weren't in Aerosmith: "I was headed for drama school when I got diverted, but I guess I got plenty of drama without the school."


Thomas William Hamilton

Father: George Hamilton
Mother: Betty

Brother: Scott Hamilton [Older than Tom]
Sister: Perry Hamilton [Older than Tom]
Sister: Cecily Hamilton [Younger than Tom]

Wife: Terry Cohen [Married on January ?, 1975]

Son: Julian Forrest Hamilton [Born on ?, ?, 1992] (?Adopted February 6, 1992?)
Daughter: Dorothy Sage Hamilton [Born on ?, ?, 1995] (?Adopted?)