FULL NAME: Anthony Joseph Perry
   Joe Fuckin' Perry
   Joe Freakin' Perry
   the King of Cool
 BIRTHDAY: September 10, 1950
 PLACE OF BIRTH: Lawrence, Mass.
 INSTRUMENTS: Guitars, Backup vocals
   My Hopedale Band
   Plastic Glass
   Pipe Dreams / Jam Band (with Tom Hamilton)
   Joe Perry Project
 FAMILY: See Below
 HEIGHT: 5'11"
 SPORT: Water-ski
 Second best album of 1993: Tom Waits "Bone Machine"
 Favorite albums of 1994:
   "Voodoo Lounge" by the Rolling Stones
   "Dirt" by Alice in Chains
 Joe's top albums of 1997:
   Oasis - Be Here Now
   Aerosmith - Nine Lives
   Bob Dylan - Time Out of Mind
   Loreena McKennitt - Book of Secrets
 In 1994, Joe Perry stated that this would be his "dream" festival
   Led Zeppelin
   Jimi Hendrix
   Deep Purple
   and of course Aerosmith! He said Aerosmith would headline
 Most awesome concert he's ever missed:
   Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jeff Beck
 Likes (and has performed onstage with)
   Melissa Etheridge and Carly Simon (not at the same time!)
 "What bands do you like today (1997)?"
I like Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, and Pearl Jam. But sometimes they're so self-absorbed, I don't understand that. There's a band Rasputina, girls who play cellos, it's arty and weird. Pretty interesting. I like DGeneration. They have a New York street kind of thing, and this band KISS that's on the road.
 Favorite song to play during the Get a Grip tour: "Livin' On The Edge"
 Some bands he likes: Jimi Hendrix, The Yardbirds, Chuck Berry, Robert Johnson, Deep Purple, Beatles and Led Zeppelin

Various Joe Perry Facts

  • Joe has Pet Tarantulas!
  • Has three solo albums (Let the Music Do the Talking, I've got the Rock'n'Rolls Again, Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker) with the Joe Perry Project
  • The album "Rocks" is dedicated to his father
  • His father is Portuguese and his mother is Italian

  • His father was an accountant and his mother was a P.E. teacher in school and then an aerobics instructor!
  • Used to work at and ice cream parlor called The Anchorage where Steven used to come in
  • He started playing guitar at age 6 and never had guitar lessons.
  • He wrote and performed the theme music for the TV cartoon "Spider-Man"
  • Worst airplane experience: "A 25 hour flight from Sydney to L.A. with no Grey Poupon mustard."
  • What's always in his refrigerator: "Hot sauce"
  • Favorite item of clothing: "Pants. Don't leave home without them."
  • His speciality in the kitchen: "Indian curry"
  • His first guitar was a ukelele that his uncle made.
  • Also worked as a janitor in a Boston synagogue.
  • Is an amateur pilot. (and likes to hang out in the cockpit on his flights)
  • Joe Perry was in the band the least amount of time. Although Brad Whitford joined the group later than Perry, Perry was away longer with his solo project.
  • If he couldn't live in Mass., he'd would live in Maui
  • Stupidest thing he's ever done on stage is strip naked (I've been told it was a g string and he only changed clothes on stage - not that I personally care..)
  • Weirdest place he's ever been naked is on stage in Lubbock, Texas
  • Favorite venue to play: Orpheum Theater-Boston, MA
  • Favorite Simpsons character: Homer
  • Best sight in Boston: Logan Airport
  • Last thing he does before he goes on stage? "Pee"
  • When the Joe Perry project was over, he considered taking a sideman position with Alice Cooper
  • In 1984, he sued Leber-Krebs and won
  • Has a pool shaped like the body of a guitar, it doesn't have the neck however.
  • Sings Walk On Down (off of Get a Grip), Bright Light Fright (off of Draw the Line), and South Station Blues (off of Pandora's Box - from the Joe Perry Project) and "Falling off" from "Nine Lives"

  • Was so out of it that he had no idea that Columbia Records had released Greatest Hits until a fan approached him in a supermarket and asked him to autograph a copy.
  • Does he like reading Aerosmith reviews after a show? "Yes, particularly when they talk about the music."
  • The "last book he read" was Timemaster by Robert Forward
  • Favorite resaurant in the world: Redbones in Somerville, MA (and the pizza in Mama Kin's Bitchin' Kitchen).
  • What would he have done if he hadn't been in Aerosmith: Be in the Joe Perry Project
  • Favorite designer: "I'm not really attached to any one particular designer. I'm more into t-shirts and jeans."
  • Adrian Perry (Joe's oldest son, born on January 25th 1981, from his first marriage, with Elyssa Jerret) is also a musician. He is currently singer/guitarist/songwriter in the band 60/40 breakdown. He has previously played in such bands as Dexter and The Feds.


Anthony Joseph Perry

Grandfather {on father’s side}: Joseph Pereira [fathered fourteen children]

Father: Anthony Pereira
Mother: Mary Ursillo

Sister: Anne-Marie Perry

Uncle {on mother’s side}: Constantino Ursillo

Wife: Billie Paulette Montgomery [Married on September 21, 1985 & January 15, 1986]
Ex-Wife: Elyssa Jerret [Married on August 5th, 1975...Divorced in 1985]

Son: Adrian Perry [Born on January 25th 1981] (Mother: Elyssa Jerret)
Son: Anthony {Tony} Perry III [Born on October 16(?), 1986] (Mother- Billie Paulette Montgomery)
Son: Roman Perry [Born in 1991(?)]
Step-Son: Aaron Hirsch [Born on December ?, 1972] (Mother- Billie Paulette Montgomery)

Other Info:
Listed here was that Aaron's father is Alexander Hirsch. According to "Spencer", however, Aaron Perry's biological father is actually Willie 'Loco' Alexander, a well known local Boston musician.