See what great musicians like Jimmy Page, Slash, Axl Rose, Alice Cooper, James Hetfield, Bob Catley, Ozzy Osbourne, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil and Bruce Dickinson think of Aerosmith!

Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds, The Firm, Page/Plant etc.)

    - "Aerosmith is what rock n' roll is all about and has been from its inception to the present day. Steven Tyler's dynamic vocals, Joe Perry's inventive guitar, the craftsmanship employed in the band's material, the powerhouse delivery of their live performances added with the essential ingrediants of talent and the conviction make the ideal rock n' roll band."

    - "They're a great band. Steven Tyler? Mr. Energy! I'd like to be as fit as him when I get to be his age! Ha!"

Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden, solo)

    - "They're fantastic - one of the few bands I'd go out of my way to see."

Alice Cooper

    - "Steven Tyler has the best voice in rock and roll today."

    - "Slash is just like Joe Perry, my other favorite guitarist: a straight ahead, all the way, right down the middle, rock 'n roll guitar player."

Slash (Guns N' Roses, Slash's Snakepit)

    - "When I first started getting into rock n' roll on my own (outside of my family's influences) what inspired me to play guitar was something that happened to me when I was thirteen. I chased the most beautiful girl--who was twice my age--for about three months. And when I finally got into her 1 apartment, she played me ROCKS for the first time. I listened to it about four or five times, completely forgot about the girl, and split the apartment. That's what Aerosmith means to me."

    From an interview with Slash in 1991:

    - "There's something irreplaceable about those guys, I was brought into rock 'n' roll around the time they were out there. And there's just a certain kind of rock 'n' roll attitude they had that I used to really dig. I didn't sense it in any other band besides - not to put them together - the Stones. It was like a personal, seedy attitude; and it was a case of not letting anyone else into your world. You just talk about what you want to talk about. And you can't get into their private lives because there's sort of a wall up around them. You just can't get inside. It's really hard to put in words. But I just thought Aerosmith was really cool and always had a great groove."

Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses)

    - "In my mind the hardest, ballsiest rock band that ever came out of America was Aerosmith."

    - "For me, Aerosmith is the most genial band of the United Estates"

Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath, Solo)

    - "I remember them supporting 'Sabbath in '74 - they were a good band then and they are one of the greatest bands in the world now. In fact, I'd say they are one of the best bands ever. They've been through a lot and they've come out on top. And not only that but they are some of the nicest people I've met in this business."

Bob Catley (Magnum)

    - "I think they're the best rock 'n' roll band I've ever seen."

Ted Nugent

    - "They're the coolest bunch of mothers on the planet. They're incapable of making a bad record! There's just a few bands that twang like Aerosmith. Aerosmith music is so sexy--if it weren't for Aerosmith there wouldn't be such short skirts in America today. I love Aerosmith. It's Joey's thump, Tom's drive, the audacity of Joe and Brad, all literally spat and polished by Steven Tyler. That's Aerofuckingsmith to me."

Rudolph Schenker (Scorpions)

    - "I've been a fan since their first single (Dream On). We've played with them four times and I think they're incredible. They're the best rock band on earth at the moment. They've influenced so many rock bands over the years, but now they're better than ever."

Sebastian Bach (Skid Row, solo)

    - "If I could have half the talent, originality, influence, and longevity of Aerosmith, I could die a happy man."

Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue)

    - "When I was a kid I had a picture of Steven Tyler on my wall. In my opinion Aerosmith were and still are the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world. They ARE American rock 'n' roll. As long as there are bands like Aerosmith there'll always be rock 'n' roll."

    - "I think they're the coolest, the coolest rock n' roll band there is.. without a doubt... Aerosmith"

    In March 2002 it was reported that Nikki Sixx had written a song for possible consideration by Aerosmith on the band's forthcoming studio album. "I could die and go to heaven if I was to ever see my name next to Tyler/Perry on songwriting credits," commented Sixx.

Vince Neil (Motley Crue)

    - "Listening to Aerosmith was my inspiration to sing."

    - "They are just a great rock n' roll band. I mean, there's always something different coming out from them, and you go like wow, that's cool!"

James Hetfield (Metallica)

    A couple years ago when James Hetfield was being interviewed, he said he grew up listening to Aerosmith and that Steven Tyler was his biggest influence.

Joe Elliot (Def Leppard)

    - "They are definitely one of the best bands around. I think we (Def Leppard) are one of the few bands that like them but not sound like them, you know, and everybody seems to be trying to copy them. You know, and there's alot, alot of bands now that all sound like Aerosmith, you know, so they've been so influencial."

Stephen Maynard Clark (Def Leppard)

    He has stated that he was influenced by Aerosmith

Bon Jovi

    - "Aerosmith? Yeeeeaah! I love 'em! I always wished I could be half as cool for half as long."

Little Richard

    - "I looove Aerosmith. They're one of my favorite rock n' roll bands ever. They're full of filth and full of soul."

Joni Mitchell

    - "Aerosmith is the kind of band that reminds me what I loved about rock n' roll in the first place."

Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network)

    - "I've got so much respect for those guys after what they've been through. And as for Steven Tyler, he's just amazing!"

Vernon Reid (Living Colour)

    - "Aerosmith is one of the last great bands of the seventies that forged a bridge between heavy rock and R&B."

Bill Graham

    - "From the onset, Aerosmith has personified the raw, borderless traits that define rock and roll--the spirit of adventure and sensuality--the spirit that embodies the essence of our music--freedom of expression. On a given night, when the mood of the moment creates that indefinable energy between artist and public, there are but a handful of groups that can be thought of as the very best rock and roll that exists on this planet. Aerosmith is one of that select few; at least for me."

Gary James (Thunder)

    - "They're just something else. Real good, down-to-earth, honest, bluesy rock 'n' roll. They're the business."

Frank Steele (Faster Pussycat)

    - "Actually, Aerosmith are responsible for everything that's going on in Los Angeles right now."

Bam Bam (Dogs D'Amour)

    - "Aerosmith are one of the greatest live acts of all time, on a par with The Rolling Stones and Dogs D'Amour!"

Christian Rioux (Claytown Troupe)

    - "Aerosmith are one of the true rock bands. They married US roots rock with English pomp, and showed younger acts how to blend style with humour and ability. They are an inspiration to their fans and all aspiring rockers."

Andy Mitchell (Toranga)

    - "Aerosmith are the ultimate in honest, gutsy rock 'n' roll. Of that there's no doubt."

Tommy Caradonna (Alice Cooper)

    - "They are the epitome of a hard rock band that maintains groove and soul. Steven Tyler is a genius and totally phenomenal.They were the first band I ever listened to and 'Dream On' was the first rock song I ever got into."

Zac Hanson (Hanson)

    Zac's favourite song is Aerosmith's "Pink"

Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys)

    This is translated from dutch, so it´s not literary:

    The BSB were happy(?) when they met Steven Tyler. Nick was the happiest. He even blushed when facing the ferocious(?) singer. He´s a big Aerosmith fan and he´s got all their albums.

Pras (Fugees)

    "I like Aerosmith, especially Steven Tyler. He's a great lyricist and stage performer. They have really good songs, especially the one from the Armageddon soundtrack."

Ultra Nate (?)

    "I listen to a lot of kinds of music, soul and R'n'B, but I also listen to rock, I mean I like Aerosmith."

Brett Scallions (Fuel)

    "Touring with Aerosmith can definitely spoil you especially when you go to catering and there's steak and lobster we were eating high on the hog with Aerosmith it was a great time it was just for the longest time it was kind of weird. Wow, I'm hanging out with Steve Tyler and then by halfway through the tour it was like, 'Oh yeah, where's Steven? Big deal,' because I looked at him differently I just looked at him as a friend and I mean there's a huge respect for him I'll still know that he's a rock n roll legend in his own day. Between him and Joe its amazing I would watch them every night of that tour and I don't think that they could write a bad song if they even tried to. It's impossible; and to hear them churn out song after song after song on that tour- every single song that they played was a hit sooner or later in their career so it's just amazing stuff.
    I would watch them during sound checks and stuff too; the thing is they just love it so much they go on sound checks and they're just having fun together playing Steven's dancing around and Joe's up there just rocking out playing his guitar and stuff and they're just having fun-all the guys. And it's so great to see after all the years of them and all the albums that they've done and everything that they still have such a huge passion for the music and for playing live and just being a part of that band. They still just love it and savor that flavor so much its such a good feeling and I hope to do the same."

Andrew W.K.

    "With a relentless, never ending blast through, this band worked hard to make it hard. Imagine all they have seen and done and experienced. Solid iron songs clad in a screaming satin slam out. They are a true example of an uncompromising devotion - to living their lives to the limit. Never done. Through their efforts they have made millions of people feel good, and for that they deserve all that they can have." "Well I remember when Pump came out, I was in, um, sixth grade, and uhh.. The cover on the album, I remember seeing it was the cars stacked and I was like, oh, its the tow-truck, yeh know, its being towed. And somehow, someone explained that it was, a sexually oriented, uh photo. And I remember I was like "Whoa", yeh know, thats really intense. And it made me feel a little queasy in a way, cause I thought of it as very strange for automobiles to have a sort of human quality about them, not only because they're controlled and made by humans, but we. We have this very, uh they have a very humanistic thing about them, to the extent that when we were driving around in cars, and we see cars around us, and in front of us, we look at them and they have their own personality beyond the person thats driving them -- thats in them. And we look at them in this way, and I... And that was definitely represented in that photo very well."

    "I really, really like the Diane Morin Song "Dont Want to Miss A Thing," that they sang for the Armageddon Soundtrack. I think its absolutely fantastic, I think his vocal performance is astounding. Its a perfect song. I like that "Jaded" song a lot too. It's real beautiful. They're just real hard workers, they're real committed to what they do and thats an inspiration to me and everyone else."

Dryden Mitchell (Alien Ant Farm)

    I think "Back in the Saddle," is like, the greatest guitar riff, ever. I think so many bands kind of absorbed their sound into what they are. Even like AC/DC to me, has like a lot of Aerosmith in them. I dont know who came first, what, but It's just weird, I was just saying too, like there's only a handful of bands that stay around and Aerosmith is like the only rock band that survived. They just keep getting better, and they stay with the times. Like, I was just saying, the Rolling Stones are always there, and they'll always be huge, but they dont stay with the times the way Aerosmith has. Kids still dig 'em. Like, kids don't dig Rolling Stones. I mean some do, but you know what I mean. Like, it seems Aerosmith always has that ability to become mainstream. And, they dont really change their sound too much, like, they just get slicker. And they're so hookey. And I'll just stop kissing their ass.

Mike Cosgrove (Alien Ant Farm)

    It's like their sound got bigger with like technology and recording or whatever, but I mean, their songs have always had the same kind of quality, that Its just great song structure, smart stuff, like good hooks. And it's not like their just writing good, like, things to sell. It's really good music. And I think that Steven Tyler has maintained like, kind of like It doesnt seem cheesy. Like to a certain degree every rock star, cool guy, front-man, that's kind of like that, becomes a burnout, or the public becomes burned out by them, and hearing them say "Yeah," or "Ooh Baby," or whatever it is and he could still rock the bandana or the crazy stuff off the mic, and it doesn't seem cheesy. And he looks comfortable all the time. He looks like he's digging what hes doing. I hope that I'm like him. I never met him, but I hope that I look that happy and that content, you know. It just seems like he just gets to go and make good music, and whatever falls into his lap, if it's a commercial or this or that whatever.

    They've made good videos that somehow stay in tune with the kids. Like with different characters. Like when Alicia Silverstone was coming out and all that. And "Pink" was a good video 'cause it was kinda goofy. Like the way they were morfing everybody and all that. I thought like, "Whoa," thats kinda funky looking on some stuff, you know.