This list contains the discography of the American rock band Aerosmith, which has released 15 studio albums, 6 live albums, 16 compilation albums and a plethora of singles.

Aerosmith is estimated to have sold well over 150 million albums around the world, making them the biggest selling hard rock band in United States history.


Studio albums

TitleDate (Label)US Charts
AerosmithJanuary 5, 1973 (Columbia)21
Get Your WingsMarch 15, 1974 (Columbia)74
Toys in the AtticApril 8, 1975 (Columbia)11
RocksMay 14, 1976 (Columbia)3
Draw the LineDecember 9, 1977 (Columbia)11
Night in the RutsNovember 16, 1979 (Columbia)14
Rock in a Hard PlaceAugust 27, 1982 (Columbia)32
Done with MirrorsNovember 4, 1985 (Geffen)36
Permanent VacationAugust 25, 1987 (Columbia)11
PumpSeptember 12, 1989 (Geffen)5
Get a GripApril 20, 1993 (Geffen)1
Nine LivesMarch 18, 1997 (Columbia)1
Just Push PlayMarch 6, 2001 (Columbia)2
Honkin' on BoboMarch 30, 2004 (Columbia)5
Music from Another Dimension!November 6, 2012 (Columbia)5

Live albums

TitleDate (Label)US Charts
Live! BootlegOctober 27, 1978 (Columbia)13
Classics Live!April 7, 1986 (Columbia)84
Classics Live! IIJune 29, 1987 (Columbia)
A Little South of SanityOctober 20, 1998 (Geffen)12
Rockin' the JointOctober 25, 2005 (Columbia)24
Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014September 4, 2015 (Universal Music Group)

Compilation albums

TitleDate (Label)US Charts
Greatest HitsNovember 11, 1980 (Columbia)43
AnthologyJune 1988 (Raw Power)
GemsNovember 15, 1988 (Columbia)133
Pandora's BoxNovember 19, 1991 (Columbia)45
Pandora's ToysJune 8, 1994 (Columbia)
Big OnesNovember 1, 1994 (Geffen)6
Box of FireNovember 22, 1994 (Columbia)
Aerosmith: 3 Pak - Aerosmith/Get Your Wings/Toys in the AtticJune 30, 1998 (Columbia)
Classic Aerosmith: The Universal Masters CollectionNovember 2, 2000 (Geffen)
Young Lust: The Aerosmith AnthologyNovember 20, 2001 (Geffen)191
O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith HitsJuly 2, 2002 (Columbia/Geffen)4
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection – The Best of AerosmithOctober 7, 2003 (Geffen)
Aerosmith: The Collection - Aerosmith/Get Your Wings/Toys in the AtticMay 4, 2004 (Columbia/Legacy)
Devil's Got a New Disguise: The Very Best of AerosmithOctober 17, 2006 ( Columbia/Geffen)33
Tough Love: Best of the BalladsMay 10, 2011 (Geffen)109
The Essential AerosmithSeptember 13, 2011 (Columbia)


Aerosmith has released 72 singles. Some of their singles have been officially released to the public, while others have been released as album cuts only to radio. 21 of their songs have reached the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. An additional 28 of the band's songs have reached the Top 40 on various charts worldwide.

However, in this overview we listed onyl the singles which reached Top 10 (Top 20) positions on the US Billboard charts.

TitleYear (Album)US Charts
Dream On (re-issue from 1973)1975 (Aerosmith)6
Walk This Way (re-issue from 1975)1976 (Toys in the Attic)10
Dude (Looks Like a Lady)1987 (Permanent Vacation)14
Angel1988 (Permanent Vacation)3
Rag Doll1988 (Permanent Vacation)17
Love in an Elevator1989 (Pump)5
Janie's Got a Gun1989 (Pump)4
What It Takes1990 (Pump)9
Livin' on the Edge1993 (Get a Grip)18
Cryin'1993 (Get a Grip)12
Crazy1994 (Get a Grip)17
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing1998 (Armageddon soundtrack)1
Jaded2001 (Just Push Play)7

Trivia Songs

  • Push Comes To Shove

    According to Kramer himself, the only Aerosmith song he ever did NOT play drums on was "Push Comes To Shove" from RIAHP...! Steven played them...!
  • Once Is Enough

    In an article/ band interview from the Detroit Free Press written in 1987 Joe Perry mentions that "Once Is Enough" was also recorded as a duet with Willie Nelson.
  • I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

    Information about IDWTMAT from MTV:
    Aerosmith used a 52-piece string orchestra in this song!
    Aerosmith had to act like a rocket were launched right behind them in the video, because the rocket launching were postponed on later.
  • Back in the saddle

    The woman mentioned in the song Back in the Saddle, Sukie Jones, was a groupie that followed Aerosmith along with other bands in the 1970's.
  • Heart's Done Time

    -The killer whales Hyak and Fina "sing" on "Heart's Done Time."
  • Nobody's Fault

    -It's about Earthquakes
  • Hole in my soul

    "Hole In My Soul" first originated during the Pump sessions. Steven says he has been hitting on it since then, and never thought it would be good enough to record. But, it was juiced up a bit, and made the Nine Lives album.
  • Blind man

    - The sound at the beginning of "Blind Man" is Steven opening a switchblade in front of a microphone.
  • Magic touch

    - "Magic Touch" originally contained the phrase "Right key, wrong key hole."
  • Fallen Angels

    Steven used 150 year old cymbals in "Fallen Angels." They can be heard in the beginning and the end of the song. While recording in NY, Steven went to a music store he used to shop in during the 60's, and purchased this instrument.
  • Pink - Kink

    The original title to Pink was "Kink." Richie Supa thought this idea up, and brought it to Steven. Tyler didn't think he could sing that, so he changed it into Pink.
  • Livin' On the Edge

    - "inspired" by the L.A. riots and the Rodney King beating.
  • Attitude Adjustment

    - starts off with the song itself rewinding.
  • Love at first bite

    The songs Adam's Apple and Dude Looks Like A Lady both contain the lyric "Love At First Bite"
  • Pink - Mia

    In the song "Pink", the "oooh" after the line "On the lips of your lover" was performed by none other than Mia, Steven's 2nd of 3 daughters.
  • Let the Music Do the Talking

    - the only song to appear on both a Geffen album and a Columbia album.
    - Hasn't got the same Lyrics as the original song by the Joe Perry Project
    - If you listen good to the solo, you can hear the intro of Draw The Line
  • Walk This Way (1986)

    - Was originally going to be done by only Run DMC, but their producer Rick Rubin wanted Aerosmith in it.
  • The song "Nine Lives"

    was inspired by a visit to an AC/DC concert.
  • Major Barbara

    was recorded around Get your wings, but it was only considered to be put on an album around the Rocks sessions.
  • Lightning Strikes

    - the only song in Aerosmith history that credits Brad Whitford playing solo but NOT Joe Perry.
  • Live bootleg - Toys in the attic

    On "Live Bootleg" album, the live version of "Toys in the Attic" (about 2:33) someone says something like "fuck off" or "suck off" something like that.
  • Walkin' the Dog

    - performed by the Rolling Stones on their first album too. (Also, Steven played a wooden flute on this song)
  • Mia

    - about Steven's daughter Mia
  • Movin' Out

    - drew its inspiration from an eviction notice received at the band's old Commonwealth Ave. appartment.
  • Dream On

    In "Dream On" there is a "mistake" at the end. At the very end when the last two notes go up and down, if you listen closely, one of the times that it goes up, the distortion goes out and comes back in suddenly in the middle of the next note.

    The mistake may not be heard very well unless you are on a portable cd player with the volume all the way up... Immediately after Steven Tyler sings the last line of lyrics, "The good lord will take you away", the main guitar part alternates two chords continuously which are B flat minor and C.

    At about the end of 4:15 or the beginning of 4:16 and 25 chords after the last lyric, the backup guitar joins the main in the same chords but with a different distortion sound or some effects pedal being used. In the middle of 4:18 and the 33rd chord after the last lyric, the backup guitar cuts off and cuts back in to the song exactly at 4:19. There is nothing rhythmic about this action made by the guitar so it is definitely a mistake. I'm about certain that you won't hear it unless you have a portable CD player with the volume at full and even then it's pretty hard so give it a chance. - Alex Kramer
  • Walk This Way

    - Joe Perry wrote the classic riff to Walk This Way. when he wrote it, he finished the intro riff and the verse riff in 5 minutes.
  • Uncle Salty

    - Tom played rhythum guitar on this song.
  • Sick as a Dog

    - Tom wrote in on guitar and played guitar with Brad, Joe played bass for first part of song. Last part of song, Joe joins Tom and Brad and Steven plays bass!
  • Chain reaction

    You See Me Crying and Woman of the World- old Chain Reaction (Stevens old band) songs.
  • Home Tonight

    - Steven plays piano and is backed by a 101 piece orchestra
  • Don't get mad get even

    Joe listened to Rag Doll backwards and came up with Don't Get Mad, Get Even
  • Flesh

    If you listen closely at the beginning of "Flesh" you can hear Steven's bracelets hitting the sides of the ceramic drum he was playing.
  • Amazing

    On Amazing, at about 00:18, right after Steven says, "and let the wrong ones in" there's some strange noise, most likely a bass note
  • Get a Grip

    If you listen trough one speaker between 2.20 - 2.40 on Get A Grip you can hear this:
    "Breaker, breaker come in four oh niner we have you on approach.
    Do you read me, over?
    Four oh niner we have you on approach.
    Four oh niner do you read me!! You're losing altitude four oh niner.
    Four oh niner Mayday Mayday Mayday Mayday!!!!!"