FULL NAME: Stephen Victor Tallarico
 NICKNAME: The Demon of Screamin'
 BIRTHDAY: March 26, 1948
 PLACE OF BIRTH: New York City (Yonkers)
 INSTRUMENTS: Vocals, Harmonica, Mandolin, Piano, etc
   Strangeurs (Thee Strangeurs)
   The Left Banke
   William Proud
   Chain Reaction.
 FAMILY: See Below
 HEIGHT: 5'9"
 TATTOO: Ma Kin with flames on left arm
 FOOD: chicken pot pie.
 CAR: His red Jeep.
 MOVIE: The Wizard of Oz
 BOOK: 'Above Top Secret'
 Second best album of 1993: Naughty by Nature "19 Naughty III"
 Top albums of 1997:
   Aerosmith - Nine Lives
   Johnny Lang - Lie to Me
   Mary Me Jane - Tick
   Beck - Odelay
   Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole
 Top albums of 1998:
   Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty
   Sheryl Crow - The Globe Sessions
   Alanis Morissette - Supposed Former Infatuation Junki
   The Black Crowes - By Your Side
   Squirrel Nut Zippers - Perennial Favorites.
 Likes (has seen live):
   Rage Against the Machine,
   the Wu Tang Clan
 Song he wants played at his funeral: "All Over Now"
 Most awesome concert he's ever missed: Hendrix (Woodstock)
 Favorite Aerosmith song to drive to: "Eat the Rich" and "F.I.N.E"
 Has said "Angel" was beautiful and made him cry, but got overplayed.
 Favorite song to play during the Get a Grip Tour: "Cryin'"
 Favorite Aerosmith song: "No Surprize"

Various Steven Tyler Facts

  • Wanted to be a forest ranger
  • Worked in bakery to make some extra bucks.
  • He has one sister, Linda, who is a teacher.
  • Jimi Hendrix invited Steven to Palisades Amusement Park to ride on the roller coaster
  • His favorite place in the world? "On top of Mount Halliahkala in Maui watching the sunrise.
  • If he couldn't live in Massachusetts, he'd live in Maui
  • Favorite venue to play: The Point Theatre - Dublin, Ireland
  • Favorite Simpson character: Mr. Burns
  • Most prized possession: Raptor Claw Switch Blade Knife
  • If he had to describe himself as an animal, it would be an osprey.
  • Worst airplane experience: "In 1978 the band and I took our first 747 jumbo flight and they bet me $80 that I wouldn't dare streak naked into the upstairs lounge area. Never one to turn down a bet, I did it and almost made it back before being spotted by one of the stewardessess halfway doen the stairs. Even though I hated losing the bet, getting caught had its upside..."
  • Biggest mistake he ever made: "Signing away 50% of his publishing in the '70s."
  • What's always in his refrigerator: "My attitude"
  • What he'd be doing if he weren't a musician: "Sleeping with my sunglasses on."
  • Weirdest place he's ever been naked: In a lounge in a 747
  • Best sight in Boston: His driveway
  • Collects the stickers off fruit
  • Steven modeled Betsey Johnsons clothes, with Isabella Rossellini
  • Steven is part Cherokee Indian, as well as Russian on his mother's side, and Italian on his father's side
  • What Steven looks for in a friend... Someone who loves me unconditionatly
  • Who Steven looks up to most.. My wife, because I like being down there
  • If Steven could look like someone else he would want to look like... Rick Dufay
  • If Steven could be reincarnated he would want to be.. An osprey, or an eagle, they're so endangered
  • Does Steven belive in Love at First Sight?.. Yes, but only if it's based on one part intuition, two parts animal attraction, three parts lust, and four parts luck
  • Steven had his motorcycle accident on January 24th 1981. He crashed into a tree on his way to pick up Mia's babysitter, and split open his heel.
  • Steven's first car was a forest green, 1948 Jeep
  • Steven has four pets, two birds named Knuckles and Speedy, a rabbit named Rosie, and a fish
  • The last thing he does before he goes on stage? "Adjust it!"
  • Weirdest Place he's ever had sex? "A confessional"
  • Weirdest thing ever found in a meal: Pubic hair
  • Favorite flavor: Almond
  • Has drummed with Ringo Starr
  • Wanted to name Get Your Wings, Bobbing for Piranhas
  • Steven Tyler in 1976 sponsered 2 foster children from Asia. He said at that time the thing he most wanted was to be a biological father. And low and behold, a mere 10 months later, beautiful Liv was born.
  • Likes Star Trek
  • Ranks each live performance: FG for Fuckin' Great, LD for Limp Dick, or MFO for Medi-Fuckin'-Ocre.
  • If he were elected President tomorrow, the first law he would pass would be about: "Education. It should be without boundaries. There shouldn't be haves and have nots."
  • Most important piece of advice he'd offer to anyone entering the music business: Never give away your publishing.
  • Personal possession he couldn't live without: A little guardian angel pin that he wears when he flies.
  • If he could be any historical figure, from any era and any place, he'd be Daniel Boone.
  • Dude who he thinks looks most like a lady: Mike Monroe from Hanoi Rocks
  • He admits that the longest, as well as the toughest song to write ever was Janie's Got a Gun.
  • What daughter Liv had to say about him:
    Interviewer: Do you have a favorite smell?
    Liv Tyler: Those smells that remind me of home. I can smell my dad from a mile away. I can smell it whenever he's worn my clothes. He has this ambery smell that just melts into him.
    Int: Steven Tyler wears your clothes?
    Liv: I wear his, actually. We wear exactly the same size in jeans.
  • On the Just Push Play tour, at the end of the San Jose concert (2002-01-09), Joe Perry mentioned Tyler's weight. '...weighing in at 144 pounds...Steven Tyler'
  • When he dies, he wants the following written on his tombstone:
    Here lies Steven.
    The Deamon of screamin
    Who never woke up from the dream he was dreamin
    Till one day he took some magic potion
    Now all that's left is sweet emotion


Stephen Victor Tallarico

Grandfather {on father’s side}: Giovanni Tallarico
Grandmother {on father’s side}: Constance Neidhart
[Giovanni married Constance in 1912]

Great-Uncle {on father’s side}: Francesco Tallarico
Great-Uncle {on father’s side}: Michele Tallarico
Great-Uncle {on father’s side}: Pasquale Tallarico

Father: Victor Tallarico
Mother: Susan Blancha

Sister: Lynda Tallarico [Born in 1946]
Niece: Julia Hasz (Lynda’s daughter)

Uncle {on father’s side}: Ernie Tallarico
Aunt {on father’s side}: Phyllis Tallarico

Cousin {on father’s side}: Augie Tallarico
Cousin {Ernie's Daughter}: Laura Tallarico

Wife: Teresa Barrick [Married on May 28th, 1988]
Ex-Wife: Cyrinda Foxe [Married on September 1st, 1978...Divorced in 1987]
  Deceased. September 2002 (cancerous brain tumor)

Son: Aborted in 1976 [Mother - Diana Hall – Conceived out of wedlock]
Daughter: Liv Tyler [Born on July 1st, 1977] (Mother- Bebe Buell – Born out of wedlock)
Daughter: Mia Abigail Tyler [Born December 22nd, 1978] (Mother- Cyrinda Foxe)
Daughter: Chelsea Anna Tallarico [Born on March 6th, 1989] (Mother- Teresa Barrick)
Son: Taj Monroe Tallarico [Born on January 31st, 1991] (Mother- Teresa Barrick)
Other Info:
Bebe Buell, Liv’s mother, was born in July, 14th, 1953
Cyrinda Foxe’s real name is Kathleen Hetzekian.
Diana Hall’s real name supposedly is Julia Holcolm (according to Bebe Buell's book "Rebel Heart")