FULL NAME: Joseph Michael Kramer
 NICKNAME Kramedog
 BIRTHDAY: June 21, 1950
 PLACE OF BIRTH: New York City (The Bronx)
 INSTRUMENTS: Drums, Percussion
   The Medallions
   King Bees
   Unique 4
   Turn Pikes
 FAMILY: See Below
 HEIGHT: 5'6
 TATTOO: Scorpion on right forearm
 TATTOO: Bracelet type on his upper right arm
 PLACE: "My own Bed"
 FOOD: Sushi
 CAR: 550 Ferrari Marinallo
 TV SHOW: Third Rock From the Sun
 MOVIE: The Great Escape
 BOOK: The Way of a Peaceful Warrior by Dan William
 POSSESION: Twin Turbo Porshe
 SPORT: Croquet
 Second best album of 1993: Tower of Power "TOP"
 Favorite album of 1994:
   Under the Table and Dreaming by the Dave Matthews Band
 Top albums of 1997:
   Jamiroquai - Traveling Without Moving
   Johnny Lang - Lie to Me
   Dave Mathews - Crash
   Aerosmith - Nine Lives
   Tower of Power - Souled Out
 Most embarrassing album in his collection: Wayne Newton's Gr. Hits
 Favorite song to play during the Get a Grip Tour: "Lord of the Thighs"
 Song he wants played at his funeral: "Take Me to the Other Side"
 Some bands he likes: Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bonzo

Various Joey Kramer Facts

  • Thought of the name Aerosmith
  • Worst airplane experience: "A vacuum post broke and we had to make an emergency landing right behind another plane."
  • What's always in his refrigerator: "Hot mustard"
  • His speciality in the kitchen: "Eggs"
  • If he couldn't live in Mass, he'd live in Monte Carlo
  • Craziest thing he's ever done on stage?: "Moon the stage"
  • Favorite venue to play: Anywhere in Boston
  • Favorite Simpsons character: Bart
  • Weirdest place he's ever been naked is on a jet at 35,000 feet
  • Best sight in Boston: His driveway
  • He collected cars - fast ones
  • Last thing he does before he goes on stage?: "Take a piss"
  • Weirdest thing he's ever found in a meal: A toenail
  • Favorite flavor: Purple
  • The Avedis Zildjian Co. manufactures a personalized Joey Kramer stick. They're exactly like the ones he uses onstage and in the studio.
  • Likes climbing rocks
  • The most interesting question he's ever been asked in an interview: What percentage of me was Aerosmith and what percentage was Joey Kramer
  • What he'd ask for if this was his last supper: Tiramusiu
  • What his dying wish would be: Peace. . . and more tiramisiu.
  • If he could be a fictional character, he'd be Don Diego
  • How he feels when he sees someone with an Aerosmith tattoo: I feel like I know what a dedicated fan is.


Joseph Michael Kramer

Father: Mickey Kramer
Mother: Doris Schwartz

Sister: Annabelle [younger than Joey]
Sister: Suzy [younger than Joey]
Sister: Amy [younger than Joey]

Wife: Linda Kramer (born Linda Pappan) [Married on ?, ?, 2009]
Ex-Wife: April Kramer [Married on ?, ?, 1979]

Son: Jesse Sky Kramer [Born on October 1st(?), 1981]
Step-Daughter: Asia Kramer [Born on ?, ?, 1974]